10 December 2010

A new way of working of the Reguligence Weblog

Dear fellow readers of the Reguligence Weblog

I hope you enjoy the legal infotainment I have always attempted to provide you with here. In this respect I really feel fortified by the comments you, fellow readers, left on single blog posts. For that reason I will keep on delivering good content.

I believe that some of you have noticed that I used to deliver 1-2 blog articles a week. By the same token, you might have noticed that I could not keep the number of published articles as constant as it used to be for a while.

The reason lies behind my recent occupational development. I have got some additional fields of activity and those have proven to be very time-consuming.

Still, I will not give up on writing here. I only thought on shortening the length of my articles. Nevertheless, I promise to maintain a quality of well researched texts you are inured to in conjunction with this place.

Emil A. Georgiev

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