14 January 2010

From Russia with (trade mark) love

I have always known that Russia and Russians are different. So totally different that they can hardly be compared with other nations’ representatives. And this appears to be true also with respect to their dealings with intellectual property.

According to the Russian newspaper Komersant, Vostochniy Express, a Russian bank, has successfully registered with Rospatent words like

“New Year”, “Christmas”, “Holiday”

as well as derivates thereof as trade marks. Not surprisingly, many banks issue promotional offers specially at Christmas or at year’s end. As a consequence of its trade mark grant however, Vostochniy Express has served such banks with cease and desist notices. The proprietor bank has alternatively offered to license the use of its “trade marks” against payment of license fees.

Vostochniy Express demonstrate they are

A Way Ahead In Making Business With Their IP Assets

This bank’s business drive could, however, be barred since the registration of the “trade marks” in suit has been referred to a board of appeal within Rospatent. Pursuant to the Russian trade mark practitioner Vassily Moiseev, the board of appeal is very likely to vacate Rospatent’s grant as it has frequently done in the past.

In my view Rospatent had to reject the registration as these very words are not really capable of distinguishing the products or services of Vostochniy Express from those of other banks. See whether the board of appeal will deliver a judgment consistent with mine.


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