29 January 2009

Good news for bulgarian mobile network subscribers

The European Commission (EC) has submitted a letter to the Bulgarian telecoms regulator, the Communications Regulation Commission (CRC) ordering it to to take action to further reduce mobile termination rate.
“Termination rates” are what mobile operators charge each other and are due when a call originated by a subscriber within the network of one operator is to be connected to a subscriber of another operator’s network.

Not surprisingly, with 15.09 eurocent/minute mobile termination rates in Bulgaria were the highest in the EU in 2008 (EU average: 8.7 eurocent/minute).
The EC also asks CRC not to discriminate when setting the level of termination rates between fixed and mobile networks and to apply similar termination rates for mobile calls originating from other mobile and fixed networks.

In its draft measure, the CRC set a target to achieve mobile termination rates at a level of 7.6 eurocents/minute (for peak traffic) in 2010. However, according to the European Regulators Group, which brings together the EU’s 27 national telecoms regulators, this level is already undercut by many Member States such as Cyprus (2.01 eurocents/minute), Sweden (4.55 eurocents), Finland (5.29 eurocents), Austria (6 eurocents), Slovenia (6.38 eurocents), Romania (6.78 eurocents) and France (6.85 eurocents) as of today.

So, thank you EU, for this expected decrease of rates which, I beleive, would never have come by virtue of the national regulator being actually in charge to further competition and subscriber protection.

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