18 January 2010

Austria’s data protection council disfavours new bill on data retention

The Data Protection Council is an advisory body within the Austrian Federal Chancellery’s administration. In a recent session the Council debated on the newly presented bill on data retention and passed an opinion to the government. The authority’s chair publicly presented the opinion’s upshot: the bill conflicts with Articles 8 and 9 of the ECHR, hence the Council moves for a balance between the privacy right of the persons concerned and the public interest to maintain security and order.

The Council further calls for a restrictive definition of a “serious crime” in order to achieve the data retention directive’s goal to fight organised crime and terrorism.

The Council seems to carefully observe the international, in particular the European, development on data retention. This is mirrored in Council’s recommendation to await the inauguration of the new European Commission and the enactment of the Stockholm Programme, which, given a sufficient consideration to certain privacy aspects, may lead to the data retention directive’s annulment.

I personally share that view and strongly hope for the Council to be proved correct.

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