26 October 2011

Twitter Hit By A Software Patent

Image: I use Twitter wrong by topgold on Flickr
I use Twitter wrong

According to a report on the popular patent blog PatentlyO the Virginia based VS Technologies LLC commenced legal proceedings against Twitter earlier this year, claiming the infringement of its US Patent # 6,408,309.

The ‘309 patent was filed in 2000 and comprises basically

a method and system for creating an interactive virtual community of famous people, or those people who wish to attain the status of a famous person, in a field of endeavor, such as arts, accounting, animal rights, business, education, engineering, entertainment, financing, government affairs, human rights, legal, medical, philanthropy, politics, religion, research, science, sports, etc. The virtual community of the present invention is unique in that the members of the virtual community can update, modify or revise their individual profile, and interact with other members of the virtual community, as well as the non-members of the virtual community.

Interestingly, Justice Henry Coke Morgan Jr. denied Twitter’s motion for summary judgment, ruling that VS Technologies’ patented technology satisfies the machine-or-transformation test under Bilski.

Hear ye, hear ye.

A patent attorney led patent troll in an attempt to put the fear of God into the micro-blogging giant.
Sounds promising, does it not?

However, being a doubting Thomas would not be one of my firm principles, if I was convinced of the ‘309 patent’s novelty and non-obviousness. Hence, I do not expect that the patent in suit will stand serious judicial review.

Anyway, I will stay tuned in the matter and provide you with the updates.

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  1. 27 October 2011
    Liane Markus said...

    I think they were able to state well the report that they have shared because many people may have various feedback about twitter most especially to people who are using it. Thus, I think this does not cause a huge problem.
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  2. 27 October 2011
    Amy @Glitec Loans said...

    I am using twitter in promoting my sites and I never know that twitter has such concerns. Anyway, It’s not a big problem either. Pls. keep me posted! thanks!
    Amy @Glitec Loans recently posted..Effective Loan Shopping

  3. 30 October 2011

    […] Leave a Comment Twitter Hit By A Software Patent. New here? Feel free to visit the About page and get more useful information by subscribing either to the RSS feed or via email! Image: I use Twitter wrong by topgold on Flickr · I use Twitter … Taken from: Twitter Hit By A Software Patent « The Reguligence Weblog […]

  4. 1 November 2011
    Liane Markus said...

    Hope this will server as s guide to us who wants to know more about twitter and its function. We all deserve to enjoy and satisfy ourselves when it comes to twitter. Thanks a lot for this post.
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  5. 21 November 2011
    asteriia said...

    where can I get the blue t?
    asteriia recently posted..Tweet Adder

    • 21 November 2011
      Emil A. Georgiev said...

      Unfortunately, I have no idea, if you could get it from somewhere at all. It`s only a picture…

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