11 February 2011


At some time yesterday I wanted to check the stats of the Reguligence Weblog, but for an unknown reason I could not access it. An error message (pretty much like the one above) appeared on the screen and I called my hosting provider to ask them what was going on.
“We are experiencing an outage. We know about it and will remedy it soon” an unconvincing female voice told me on the phone.

Must be just another technical issue, I thought and hung up after wishing a good night.

But what a surprise when I viewed the weblog’s front page earlier this morning. Damn, a rollback! The most recent article it displayed was the one of 01 February 2011…

The importance of a backup

It’s really weird, but yesterday I had a feeling that made me export and backup all files of the Reguligence Weblog. Indeed, thank God I did it, as I would otherwise have ended up two articles down. None of that with a backup. I just had to import and upload the files and the damage of the rollback was contained.

As of today, I started exporting and saving all weblog’s files on a regularly basis, that is each time upon publishing of a new blog post.

Unless you want to suffer a painful rollback, I would advise you to do the same!

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