23 January 2010

Data retention aims to fight file sharing users rather than terrorists

Well, some have always suspected what Austria’s Die Presse has recently reported thereby quoting an official.

The gentleman in question is Christian Pilnacek who is the Head of the Criminal Procedure Department within the Austrian Ministry of Justice. When asked by a journalist, he confirmed the information, according to which the data retention provisions’ applicability should not be limited to only so called “serious crimes”. The latter is, by the way, what the Directive 2006/24 requires. It has been said that this idea has originated in the Ministry of Justice and has found support in the Ministry of Interior. Moreover, in the officials’ view retained data should be accessible in the prosecution of minor crimes and/or in dealing with civil wrongs and hence would perfectly fit in the scope of the provisions conveyed by the Enforcement Directive.

Now the show is over. Seemingly, the entertainment business’ lobbyists have done a good job for their clients. See whether the idea shall prove capable of gaining a legislative majority.

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  1. 25 March 2011

    […] of data retention has always been justified with combating terrorism and serious crimes, but it aims to fight file-sharing users […]

  2. 27 March 2011
    Brassic Bhai said...

    It is commonly known that though technology liberates us, it also on the other hand provides unthinkable tools in the hands of the government to increasingly control us.

    • 27 March 2011
      Emil A. Georgiev said...

      I agree. Nevertheless, I expected the government not to maintain a hidden agenda on this point.

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