20 November 2009


Hi, my name is Emil A. Georgiev and I own and run the Reguligence Weblog.
I am a legal guy and as early as 2001 I started working on issues related to communication, information technology and media.
These are the legal areas I advise on in the general course of my work.

I run theĀ  Reguligence Weblog in order share what I have learned or to make some legal matters comprehensible especially to non-legals. I further raise my voice to promote and advocate free culture and fundamental human rights in the Information Society.

Here are some topics you can expect to read about at the Reguligence Weblog on a regular basis:

– issues related to open source and free culture;
– intellectual property rights infringement;
– file-sharing;
– issues related to privacy and
– issues related to communications regulation.

Want to know more? Just ask!

You can connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or send me emails. For the latter just use bulgarus(at)googlemaildotcom.

If you like to know what I do for a living, then feel free to visit The Reguligence Website.

I will be happy if you use the numerous ways to interact with me – comment and rate my articles, subscribe to the Reguligence Weblog or even get in touch with me.

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