6 August 2011

Sanford Wallace Cannot Let Go

Image: spam by Vince_Lamb on Flickr

Who remembers Sanford Wallace?

Exactly, this is the spammer sued by Facebook, which won a $711 million civil judgement against him. But that was not all – owing to a court order Wallace was also under the obligation to forbear from accessing Facebook’s social network.

However, judging from that press release of the United States Department of Justice

Wallace’s abstinence

did not last long.

Upon a two-year investigation by the FBI, he is currently facing criminal charges for having disobeyed the order of the court as he had created a Facebook profile entitled “David Sinful-Saturdays Fredericks” and had maintained it on a regular basis.

Those activities, in the view of the prosecution, constitute acts of


in connection with electronic mail and computers pursuant to 18 U.S.C. §§ 1030 and 1037.

The charges are likely to result in the perennial imprisonment of Wallace.

I do not understand why he had to do this.
Was he maybe competing for the King’s Crown?

27 April 2011

Draining The Spam Flood: FBI vs Coreflood Botnet

According to Wikipedia, Computer crime, or cybercrime, refers to any crime that involves a computer and a network, i.e. the Internet.
Since the Internet is a global network and can be accessed anywhere in the world, combating cybercrime has become a real challenge.

Therefore, I must say that I was all the more glad when I read Ars Technica’s report on

FBI’s Beheading Of The Coreflood Botnet

Coreflood is a malicious software used by its controllers to steal online banking credentials from a victim’s computer to loot their financial accounts. This means that the operators of Coreflood have made themselves guilty of several offences penalised by the

Cybercrime Convention

such as computer related fraud and computer related forgery.

The convention has been signed and ratified by the majority of the industrial states, thereby including the USA and the vast members states of the European Union.
The signatory states have undertaken to transpose convention’s catalogue of crimes into their own law.

For instance, the USA have addressed the most of them in the 18 USC § 1028 and I guess that the above acts of the FBI agents grounded thereupon.

However, it has not all been

Sunshine And Roses

The FBI seems to have used a stealth mode to access infected computers in order to remove the malware from them. Consequently, it would be the first time a government agency accessed and automatically removed code from Americans’ computers.

Although I appreciate what FBI did in terms of cyber security, I could never acclaim the government to access my computer, no matter how noble its purpose was.

What about you?