26 January 2009

A lesson in political stubborness

Bulgarians are known as notably stubborn and even bull-headed. Circumventing a supreme court’s decision, however, successfully blurs the border to the political blindness!

The circumvention attempt follows the defeat of Regulation Nr 40 (collectively issued by the Ministry of Interior and the State Agency on Information Technologies and Communication) before the Supreme Administrative Court.

Nevertheless, the logic behind it appears to have been borrowed from a bad gambler: once the transposition of the Directive 2006/24/EC by means of a statutory instrument (=Regulation Nr 40) did not work, the only way is to raise the stakes!
How should that work, you may ask? Well, in that they bluff!

Indeed, in a joint session the parliamentary Committees for Interior and for Transportation and Communication have prepared an amendment to the Act on Electronic Communications, whereupon a new regulation shall determine the procedure of retaining communication data and govern the access thereto.
Funnily, the regulation is intended to be the collective outcome of even three authorities – the Minister of Interior, the Chair of the State Agency for National Security and the Chair of the aforementioned State Agency on Information Technologies and Communication.

Sounds promissing and I will keep an eye on it!

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