19 October 2011

Patent Troll Goes On Sale

The Troll

Just read about the company Innovatio IP Ventures LLC, which was formed only some months ago in 2011 and, which is considered a patent troll, had purchased a number of patents that, according to Innovatio, encompass certain WiFi and WLAN technologies.

Innovatio are currently approaching small businesses such as coffee shops, hotel and restaurant chains that offer WiFi to their customers demanding the payment of royalties in the range of $ 2 000 – 5 000.

Does anyone still believe that software patents do not merit talking about?

Well, Innovatio have allegedly pledged not to pursue individuals using WiFi, but for how long since they are dealing from the bottom of the deck?

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  1. 19 October 2011
    Liane Markus said...

    They have their own valid reasons why they have decided to sell it. However, this is the only time that I realized this because I did not yet see anything that is related with this. Good thing you have shared this simple and short post to us. this is an update for me and for other readers.
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  2. 25 October 2011
    Maverick said...

    Really? I have not heard of this before.. Anyway, thank you for the update.
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