29 October 2011

OpenFest 2011

Image: OpenFest website

Next weekend, on the 5 and 6 November 2011 I will be attending OpenFest 2011.

OpenFest has been organised annually since 2003 as  a conference dedicated to free culture and the free sharing of knowledge.
As such, the event mainly attracts visitors interested in or involved in the process of creation or marketing of free and open source software.

While the most visitors are expected to be from Bulgaria, OpenFest is designed to be an international event and its organisers have once again managed to invite a good amount of international speakers.

If you would you like to know to what extent

you may charge for free and/or open source software

then you should not miss the presentation in the form of a lightning talk, which I will be giving there.

In a strict accordance with the conference`s purpose, the admittance shall be free.

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  1. 31 October 2011
    Liane Markus said...

    Openfest is something very important when it comes to free culture. I am sure many people who attended the fest had fun and great excitement as well. There are various activities that were done and I am sure everyone did participate.
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  2. 6 November 2011
    Sophia said...

    I like this kind of conference, which is helpful. I hope I could get more information about it from you. Thank you very much for sharing.
    Sophia recently posted..Hidden dangers of using automated trading robots

  3. 2 December 2011
    Liane Markus said...

    I hope you really did enjoy the Openfest because you have been waiting for it for quite sometime. Perhaps, you can share your experiences during the Openfest.
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