4 July 2011

Star Wars Coloured Green

Image by JD Hancock on Flickr


We all do care for the environment, do we not?
Not surprisingly, Greenpeace cares even more.

The green multi cares so much that some weeks ago it started attacking Volkswagen over latter’s environmental credentials.
Using a Star Wars influenced get-up, the environmental activists accused the Wolfsburg company to be on the dark side and to abuse the force

to lobby against key environmental laws despite making claims that it wants to be the most eco-friendly car automaker in the world.

The funny thing is that Greenpeace expressed its criticism by uploading a video on its channel on YouTube. The video is a heavy parody of a previous Star Wars based advertisement of VW.
Shortly thereafter, however, not only did the parodying video disappear from YouTube, but the Google affiliate quickly shut up the entire Greenpeace channel.

Whose dark force should one suspect behind such a Sith-esque act?
The one of VW?

Believe it or not, but it was

Lucasfilm Who Rushed To Aid

the German car manufacturer in their conflict with Greenpeace.

Reportedly, Lucasfilm has claimed the infringement of their copyright by Greenpeace and has served YouTube with (probably) a DMCA takedown notice.

I was curious why YouTube elected to comply with Lucasfilm’s request since the parody of Greenpeace falls clearly under a

Fair Use

defence and the broadcast-it-yourself platform, in similar instances, has fought legal proceedings against right holders in order to protect both, its users and its business model.

A closer look into the DMCA drew my attention to its Section 512 (g) (1) that gives Greenpeace the opportunity to respond to the notice and takedown by filing a

Counter Notification

It turns out that, if Greenpeace serves YouTube with a counter notification complying with statutory requirements, including a statement under penalty of perjury that the parodying video was removed or disabled through mistake or misidentification, then unless Lucasfilm files an action seeking a court order against Greenpeace, YouTube will have to

Put The Video Back

up within 10-14 business days after receiving the counter notification.

See whether my prediction will hold true.

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