10 February 2010

Do not post on Facebook while wanted

Facebook for Dummies, anyone?photo © 2008 David Fulmer | more info (via: Wylio)


Imagine you are wanted by law enforcement officers who, upon discovery, would imprison you without any delay. What would you do? I bet you would hide and keep beneath surface. Moreover, you would very likely think twice before using social media, whereby proudly communicating your wanted poster to the public. No, you would not? Your case then would pretty much equate Christopher Crego’s current situation.

It is somehow surprising that some society’s members do not recognize social media as well as other web 2.0 applications to be “public”.  This appears even weirder as the desire to “communicate with the public” is considered the main drive behind the use of such platforms. In the field of internet, hence, public is where others could look into your content, get notice what you do or otherwise interact with you. Everything leaving your privacy almost automatically enters the public realm.

In this regard social media has the potential of great convenience – communication with others is just a click away. Equally important, however, social media has also proved problematic – think of people that got fired for being on Facebook while actually on sick leave or of recently reported recruiters’ practices.

So, be careful because the social media has you!

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  1. 18 February 2010
    myspace unblock said...

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  2. 18 February 2010
    Forest Novick said...

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  3. 8 March 2010
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  4. 13 February 2012
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