26 August 2010

With the rhythm of my heart

labor - fetal monitoring: the left is the little guy's heartbeat, the right is the magnitude of his mom's contractionsphoto © 2011 george ruiz | more info (via: Wylio)

I have never doubted Apple’s inventive power. And how could I? After all I speak of the one that has made all the iDevices available to the public. The news on Apple’s recent patent filing, however, seem capable of throwing some doubts on that abovementioned inventiveness.

According to the EFF Apple prepares to take full control not only of their devices, but probably of their users. Things like voice recording, photographing or even detecting device’s user’s heartbeat definitely go too far.

In my view Apple’s patent application conflicts with morality considerations and the USPTO may have a strong case in demonstrating that the “moral utility theory” is not just a dead doctrine.


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